IU College of Arts and Sciences career communities model offers students advantages in job search

  • Sept. 29, 2016


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences has launched an innovative career support program designed to serve the needs of students pursuing the more than 80 majors offered in the College.

The model, called Arts and Sciences Career Communities, actively engages students in their career development from the time they declare a major through graduation and beyond.

Facilitated by the newly named Walter Center for Career Achievement, the career community model will enable students to better align their academic interests with their career interests and to connect with College of Arts and Sciences alumni employed in a broad array of fields.

“The power of an arts and sciences degree comes in part from its wide applicability in the job market,” said Joe Lovejoy, director of career services for the Walter Center. “The career community model demonstrates the marketable nature of an arts and sciences degree by connecting students to successful alumni working in a wide variety of careers. Our alumni are instrumental to the program, serving as models of job success, demonstrating how a specific degree can be advantageous and attractive to employers in a given field, and helping students articulate those advantages in their job searches.

“The College is among the first in the country to adapt this innovative model to serve students in the arts and sciences,” Lovejoy said, “and we are now well-positioned to help our students translate their degrees into concrete action and meaningful employment.”

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences have the opportunity to join one or more of the following career communities: Government, International Affairs and Public Policy; Design, Retail and Apparel; Finance, Consulting, Management and Sales; Journalism, Sports, Entertainment and Production; Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations; Healthcare and Wellness; Technology, Data and Analytics; Education, Nonprofit and Social Services; Science and Research; and Visual, Written and Performing Arts.

Through the Walter Center, students will also have access to a comprehensive array of traditional career services, enabling them to explore career paths; learn to successfully market their skills and experience; and secure meaningful internships, full-time work and graduate school opportunities. These include one-on-one career coaching; extensive online resources; well-designed internship experiences; and opportunities to meet directly with alumni, employers and companies.

Funding from the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President helped to develop the model and provided for the hiring of additional professional career services staff to serve the College’s approximately 8,600 undergraduates and 3,200 graduate students. The Walter Center has 20 full-time staff, including career advisors, alumni and employer relations professionals, and career course lecturers.

“We are among the first in the nation to build a career communities model for arts and sciences students,” said Larry Singell, executive dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “As others begin to emulate our program, what will continue to distinguish the College is the quality, consistency and comprehensiveness of the services we now offer our students.

“The College has a long history of producing graduates who go on to be leaders in their fields, and this new program will ensure that we continue to do so for many years to come.”

In August 2016, the Indiana University Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences announced a $6 million gift from alumnus Ralph Collins Walter, a Los Angeles-based investment analyst and economist, $3 million of which will create an array of career-development-based scholarships to be offered through the Walter Center for Career Achievement.

By Joe Lovejoy
Joe Lovejoy Director Joe Lovejoy