Employer Spotlight: Joel Markland – President at BCA Environmental Consultants LLC

Joel Markland is the President of BCA Environmental Consultants LLC, and a 1995 IU alum who studied Public Affairs. Joel recently took some time to share his career experiences and insights with The Walter Center.

Q: What common skill sets do you find in students who are most successful within your organization?

J: Our very best employees are those who commit to getting the job done, no matter what it takes. Understanding that we are all a part of a team, and as a team, we meet our goals! Entry level employees will focus on learning the technical aspects of our business. This may include the development of skills in soil and groundwater sampling, regulatory reporting, and technical data entry and evaluation. Entry level employees should expect to spend a 25% of their time in the field and 75% of their time in the office.

Q: Can you describe the value of a liberal arts education and why your organization is interested in recruiting students with this background?

J: Liberal Arts grads from IU have a nice mix of skills that allow them the ability to understand the technical aspects of a career in environmental consulting, while preparing them for a project management role in the future. The ability to analyze, evaluate, and understand regulatory requirements is a critical skill, and a liberal arts education often prepares entry level employees to be able to do successfully navigate regulations.

You can discover more about Joel and careers at BCA Environmental Consultants LLC on their website

By Emily Law
Emily Law Undergraduate Intern Emily Law