Employer Spotlight: Bierman ABA Autism Center

Holli Novinger is an Organizational Leadership and Development Director at Bierman ABA Autism Center. Holli recently took some time to share about Bierman’s culture and careers opportunities.

Q: What appealed to you about Bierman’s when doing your own job search that led you to choose to work for them?

A: If you’re wanting to work for a company with a mission then ABA is an incredible way to do that . You’re impacting children and families lives daily. Seeing a child learn to speak for the first time nad knowing you were part of that is so rewarding.

Q: Could you describe the office culture and what you feel distinguishes Bierman ABA from other organizations?

A: We’re constantly moving, rather than working behind a desk we’re working on the floor with kids. Some days we ride bikes, scooters, play games or are on a playground. It’s hands-on and super fun.

To learn more about career opportunities at the Bierman ABA Autism Center visit their website.


By Brianna McSwain
Brianna McSwain Undergraduate Intern Brianna McSwain