Lean into the I.U. Community: Connect to Your Local I.U. Alumni Association Chapter

Are you a recent I.U. graduate? Congratulations, fellow Hoosier!!!

Have you been combing through job applications and feeling nervous about the future? Maybe try a different approach by activating your network… or reaching out to connections in your community for industry advice and career tips. This is a great way to build mentorships and obtain valuable information without uttering the words, “Are you looking to hire?”

Approximately 80% of jobs are secured through people you know in your immediate network. And guess what, new graduate? The entire Indiana University Alumni Association is at your fingertips.

So reach out to I.U. Alums via LinkedIn and the Association, attend regional Alumni Association meetings, and get engaged. You will meet friends, gain valuable insight, and will be approaching career from the inside out rather than the outside in!

Need advice or just a chat to lift your confidence? Reach out to our Career Coaches. We are here every step of the way.

Career Coach and fellow Hoosier,




By Suzanne Fodor
Suzanne Fodor Career Coach Suzanne Fodor