Managing Emotions during the Job Search

The “Job Search” is one not to be taken lightly. It is a long process (that’s why we say process), and it takes a toll after a while. You have worked extremely hard on your degree(s) at IU, and sometimes have been going strong being a consistent student your entire life up until now-the moment you have been working towards. There is a lot of lead up and anticipation about what will be, how the next chapter in your life will look, and how it will influence who you are as a person (ex. if I get ___ job I will be considered successful). There are a few tips to managing these emotions during the job search so you can stay sane and continue moving forward in your search with confidence!

Managing Emotions during the Job Search:

  1. Remember the facts (not getting a call back is never personal, it’s business. Sometimes employers have someone in mind and the application process is only a formality.) Try not to let this dishearten you; that is why our career coaches are here to help you tap into that hidden job market and network with employers, to ultimately be that person in mind!
  2. Look at all the other positive things you have accomplished in your life so far; give yourself a pat on the back! You have earned a degree(s) which will earn you higher pay in the long term.
  3. Make time for yourself. Don’t forget what makes you happy, keeps you balanced, and energized so you can hop back in to the job search with a clear mind and renewed sense of energy.
  4. Set reasonable expectations = job searching IS a full time job in itself! Treat it like one. Set times throughout the week for job search activity (follow up, applications, sending emails to make connections with others, setting up coffee chats for networking, job shadowing, and boosting your online personal brand). Your emotions can deceive you and make you feel like you are in a job search hamster wheel, but if you remember you are being persistent in the correct processes, you will see results!

By Rachel Landis
Rachel Landis Career Coach Rachel Landis