An International Student Success Story: Lele Liu

Lele Liu is a recent graduate from the College of Arts + Sciences who generously shared his success story with us after making several appointments with multiple Career Coaches, Chris Klein and Lei Wang. Lele graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and is pursuing his Master’s in Global Business at Pepperdine University this fall. We are proud of Lele’s accomplishments and his dedication to doing his best to identify a career he is passionate about and taking the steps to get into it. Lele’s story is below, in Mandarin and then in English.


我是刘乐乐,我来自中国,河南省。从地理上讲,我的家乡在中国的中东部,位置跟Indiana 在美国的位置是相同的。我是2013年来到Indiana University,我学的是经济学专业,2017年暑假毕业,之后会去 Pepperdine University 读研究生。

Walter Center for Career Achievement是一个专业的就业指导中心,他们不仅有专业的导师团队还有丰富的就业资源,帮助学生找到自己的优势,为学生提供有价值的校外实习资源。

首先,非常感谢Lei Wang 和 Chris在近半年来的支持与帮助。在多次与他们面对面的交流中,我深刻的体会到他们拥有丰富的教育背景,资深的社会经验。在这近半年中我几乎每周都会和他们约谈,每当我有阶段性的迷茫时,他们会通过他们曾经的切身经历分享大学现阶段的学习生活,探讨自己的未来短期和长期的目标,并帮助我完成短期和长期的学习计划。除此之外,在他们的多次耐心指导下,我顺利的申请到了理想研究生学校,并完善了我的resume,cover letter  等,还学会了使用Walter Center网站资源寻找工作和实习,为以后在职场中打下一定的基础。作为一个国际学生,我强烈建议大家来Walter Center(位於Jordan Street上,Student Health Center和Wells Library的對面)和career coach约谈,他们会以他们丰富的背景文化和专业的职场技能帮助你在未来职场中脱颖而出。


My name is Lele Liu. I am from Henan Province, China. From a geographical standpoint, my hometown is located mid-east in China, which is similar to that of where Indiana is in the states. I started my undergraduate studies at IU in 2013 and I majored in economics. I graduated this summer and will be attending Pepperdine University for graduate school in the coming fall semester.

The Walter Center for Career Achievement is a professional career center. Not only do they have professional career coaches but also great resources. They work hard to help students find their strengths and provide students with valuable resources for off-campus internships.

First, I would like to thank Lei Wang and Chris for providing me with career services this past semester. After meeting with them for quite a few times, I realized that they both have solid educational background and work experiences. I have been meeting with them on nearly a weekly basis. Every time when I feel like I’m stuck, they would share with me their own college experiences and goals to help me explore and plan for my short and long-term goals.  In addition, their patient assistance has assisted me successful admittance into my ideal graduate program. They have also helped me with resume and cover letter revisions. I have also learned to use the Center’s website to look for jobs and internships in order to build a solid foundation for the future. As an international student, I strongly recommend everyone to visit the Walter Center and meet with a career coach. They will use their incredible backgrounds and professional skills to help you stand out in your desired industry.


If you are interested in meeting with a Career Coach, please click here to find your Coach based on your major in the College. You can also find instructions for making an appointment here.

By Chris Klein
Chris Klein Career Coach Chris Klein