Gorgeous Designer Gowns Made By Blind Dressmaker

Elaina TillinghastSome say fashion requires a keen eye but a factory in Dallas is changing that idea. Elaina Tillinghast, a 54-year-old seamstress, creates dresses, elaborate military tool belts, and everyday clothes, but there’s a catch. Elaina has been blind since birth. Yes, you read that right. A visually impaired seamstress is creating lovely pieces of clothing, and to top that, she’s assisting Tish Cox, an up and coming American designer. “With the right amount of education, training, and assistive technology, a blind person can do just about anything a sighted person can,” Hugh McElroy says, CEO to the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, an 85-year-old nonprofit devoted to training the visually impaired and getting them jobs, “Once you wrap your head around that, things suddenly become possible.”

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By Carrye Simmons
Carrye Simmons Peer Coach Carrye Simmons