3 Tips for Showcasing Your Leadership Skills On Your Resume

Leadership.  It’s not just a buzz word anymore.

Recently I spoke with Media Student Leaders about the importance of marketing their leadership skills in their job/internship searches and when networking with professionals.  It’s a lesson that all of us should take to heart.  But how exactly do you market these skills?


  1. Check out that job description!  The employer is going to layout their expectations for leadership skills.  Start by mining the job description for key words like: motivate, delegate, feedback, responsibility, trustworthiness.
  2. Demostrate, demostrate, demonstrate.  Did I mention demostrate?  It’s not good enough to tell me you have these skills.  Now that you’ve mined the job description and determined what an employer wants brainstorm some examples of HOW you’ve put these skills into action.
  3. Find the right words to showcase the skills.  Easier said than done, right? Never fear. Here’s a list of Skill Verbs for your Resume.

Remember, being a leader can take many forms.  You could be on an executive board for a student organization, a subcommittee, a mentor, or a supervisor at your part-time job.

Happy Resume Building!

By Lauren Little
Lauren Little Career Coach Lauren Little