5 Ways to Foster the Connection: Continuing to Network With Your Summer Internship This Fall

Oh, so you thought the end of the summer meant your internship was over?  Joke’s on you.  You are forevermore connected to the organization for which you interned.  That’s why it is important to continue networking with your summer internship this fall.  Here are some tips on how to continue fostering the connections you made this summer:

  1. Update your resume: I promise this one is important!  Update your resume with your cool experiences while they are still fresh in your mind.  If you don’t feel confident about articulating your experience on your resume, make a list of the projects you worked on, then see a Career Coach to translate it onto your resume!
  2. Use LinkedIn: Connect with your mentor and other employees that you met with during your internship.  LinkedIn is a professional social network that will allow you to continue to engage with those connections and see what they’re up to.  See LinkedIn For Students to get started on your own profile today!
  3. Send emails every so often: There is nothing like directly reaching out.  You already have a relationship developed with your mentor and other connections.  Set reminders for yourself (on your phone, on your calendar, in your planner – whatever you use) to remember to send an email out however often you feel is appropriate.  I recommend every three to six months, so you can stay fresh on their minds when an opening comes up!
  4. Check the perks: Maybe your organization has a professional network, or hosts events for intern alumni.  See what sorts of perks your organization provides, and take advantage of them!
  5. Make the bridge: Think on the skills you developed while interning this summer.  What skills do you need to continue developing, or start developing, next?  Use your networking skills and connections from your previous internship to make a bridge to your next internship!

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By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull