Apply to be a Democracy Summer Fellow

Democracy Summer with Liz for Indiana is a one-of-a-kind political Democratic Fellowship that teaches high school and college students the nuts-and-bolts of political organizing. Fellows will learn the arts of electoral mobilization, the critical issues of the day, and the history of progressive politics. Fellows are part of a larger movement working to help Democratic candidates win key elections in swing districts across the country and elect a true-blue Democratic Congress in 2018!
Democracy Summer works with fellows across the district and we’ll meet in Bloomington once a week.

Fellows will:
• Participate in canvassing, phone banking, and online organizing efforts
• Work fundraisers, fairs, parades, farmers markets, and events in support of the Liz for Indiana
campaign and important causes
• Learn from progressive policy activists, elected officials, candidates and campaign staff
• Participate in skills-building workshops with leading organizers and activists
• Learn about the non-profit sector, public policy, and electoral politics and career paths in these areas

Fellows are not paid but we will work with them to apply for school credit. They will receive a first-class
political education, grow a network of friends, and can request recommendation letters for college or
graduate school upon completion.

E-mail to apply.

Questions? Contact Kate Rosenbarger:

By Will Reed
Will Reed Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations Will Reed