Fashion Sustainability: New York Today (Fashion Rejects)

From the second sentence from the New York Times article New York Today: Fashion Rejects I knew this was a topic that I would want to blog about regarding fashion sustainability. “When New York Fashion Week kicks off today, the catwalks of Manhattan will be filled with fabulously unaffordable outfits.” As college students, new professionals, and career focused people many of us are always looking for nice clothing that’s affordable in our budgets. I was glad to see that there are many nonprofits and young designers specifically women making strong strides on making collections, materials, and clothing affordable and sustainable.


The two pictures are women from the article doing great work with fashion sustainability, Jennica Drice, who is at Brooklyn Fashion Academy stopped by Fabscrap to get materials for her mini collection. Alongside her is the innovative woman Jessica Schreiber, who is the founder of Fabscrap. I did some follow up on Fabscrap from their website and I was highly impressed. Fabscrap provides convenient pickup and recycling and textiles for businesses in New York City. Their higher leadership is very leadership driven. They explain the process of how they collect the scraps in their about page very well, it consists of transportation, processing, consolidation, and end uses. To learn more about Fabscrap I would highly suggest checking out their website here.

To read the full article entirely about fashion sustainability click here.

Key points that stood out from the article

  • Companies are being more intentional about their ways to be innovative and effective
  • Less is more. Simple, clean, and efficient ways to make clothing, fashion clothing lines, and every day wear is in
  • Making change doesn’t require a lot
  • You can start small
  • There are a lot of powerful, innovative, strong business woman/designers making a lot of things happen
  • Very progressive
  • Fashion doesn’t have to be costly. It can be creative, fun, and even two dollars

I did some research on companies that are tailored around fashion sustainability here are the following that are doing this great work and linked their websites:

Ending with Jessica Schreiber’s quote from the article “When you walk in and see this pile of waste it’s such an educational moment,” she said. “There’s no better way to change what someone thinks about waste than for them to see it and put their hands on it.”

Let’s continue to advocate and continue the conversation of fashion sustainability.

By Derrick Robinson
Derrick Robinson Career Coach Derrick Robinson