Welcome to All Careers Considered — Our New Podcast!

Episode 00: Welcome to ACC

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the show notes. This episode introduces what the Walter Center for Career Achievement’s podcast, All Careers Considered, is going to be about.

Overall, we’re creating this podcast for students at IU Bloomington to help you:

  • Explore your career options
  • Figure out how to set & pursue career goals
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Minimize stress
  • Achieve something big!

In this first season, which we’ll be rolling out for the Spring 2019 semester, we’ll feature the following kinds of content:

  • Recruiter Hot Seats: IU students asking recruiters what makes working for their organization so great, what they are looking for in internship, who they might hire, and what students can hope to get out of an opportunity with their company
  • Success Stories: from recent alums doing really cool work, and students getting back from unexpected, exciting internships
  • Micro-Episodes: answers to FAQs that students commonly bring to our career coaches

Do you have a challenge that you’d like individual guidance on? Come visit us, or check us out online:

Oh, by the way — This podcast was created by Maria Cambone and edited by Maureen Langley. Thanks for listening!

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By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley