All Careers Considered: Finding Information about Employers (+ Why You Need To!)

Or let’s actually do our research.

Howdy Neighbor,Ā šŸ¤ 
Itā€™s time for the ACC show notes again. In this episode, we talked about:

  • Why itā€™s importantĀ to do some fact-finding about organizations that are going to be at a career fair before you get to the fair
  • What to knowĀ about an organization before you go
  • AndĀ then I gave youĀ someĀ gold-star preparation tipsĀ as a treat for listening all the way through.

To summarize, just over half of the employers who came to theĀ FallĀ 2018 Career Fair reported to the Walter Center for Career Achievement thatĀ students were not adequately knowledgeable about their organizationĀ when they came to talk to the recruiters at the fair. Students who donā€™t know much about the companies theyā€™re talking toĀ rarelyĀ move on to an interview or an offer of an internship or full-time job.

So, what should you know before you go? The basics:

  • What an organization does
  • Where itā€™s located
  • If the organization has appeared in the news lately, and what that news said
  • What some of the organizationā€™s core values? What is its mission? What is its vision?
  • What positions might they be hiring for? (Look on the org website, not just The Fairs App)
  • What do YOU actually, really LIKE about the organization? Why does what they do interest you, personally? (ā€œI just need a job/internshipā€ isnā€™t what recruiters care to hear.)

ā­Ā Gold star tip:Ā 

Employers are deciding who they want to talk toĀ before the career fair starts. Go-getters who seek them out before the fair have more opportunities to ask questions, and are more likely to get interviews.

  • Find out about & attendĀ on-campus info sessionsĀ or table talks that the organization is hosting BEFORE the career fair
  • Check out theĀ informal networking nightĀ the Walter Center hosts the evening before the career fair

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By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator