All Careers Considered E04: What to Bring + Wear to the Career Fair

Episode 04: What to Wear & Bring

Welcome back to the ACC show notes, Hoosiers. In this micro-ep, we’re bringing you a couple of hot tips on what to wear and bring to a career fair. I’ll summarize what we talked about here:

What to Wear

Hair: Wear your hair so that it’s out of your face and styled in a way that helps you feel confident, like your best self. You can get a haircut, wear it natural, put it up in a ponytail, or make it fancy — it’s your choice

Fingernails & hands: clean.

Business professional: Check out the links at the bottom of the show notes for LOTS of info about what this means. Basically:

  • Keep it fancy and conservative.
  • Dress up like you’re going to be giving a TED Talk on a fancy stage.
  • Jeans, shorts, sweat pants, and athletic clothes are OUT.
  • Slacks, dress pants, nice skirts and dresses, blouses, and button-downs are IN.
  • Not sure where to find this stuff? Try Macy’s, Target, My Sister’s Closet, Vintage Vogue, and Plato’s Closet – all of which are in Bloomington.

Shoes:  Don’t bother with high heels unless you want to. Athletic, dirty or beaten-up shoes are OUT. Some choices are ballet flats, dress shoes or boots, clean sneakers, slip-ons or loafers are IN.

Scent: Make sure you’ve showered and put on deodorant. There’s no need for perfume, cologne or body spray because some people are allergic to it and it can leave a bad impression.

What to Bring

  1. 5-10 copies of your resume
  2. A padfolio, or a notepad and a folder
  3. Something to write with
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Leave your backpacks at home.

There is SO MUCH INFO on the Internet about how to dress professionally, and about what to bring to a career fair. Here are just two of my favorite links:

And, you can always find more info about the Career + Internship Fair & the Walter Center here:

By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley