All Careers Considered E05: Starting the Conversation + perfecting your “Elevator Pitch”

Episode 05: Your Elevator Pitch

Hey, ACC show notes readers: I’ve got a special tip for you.

Did you know that on the second page of the Preparing for a Career Fair Guide, there’s a whole walk-through on how to build your elevator pitch? Check it out.

In this micro-ep, we talked about what an elevator pitch is and how to build an effective one.

An “elevator pitch” is just a fancy way of saying that you’re going to start a conversation with a recruiter that makes them feel interested in talking to you more. An elevator pitch is only about 1-2 minutes long, tops.

Here’s how you can do one:

  1. Introduce yourself. Start with your name, your major, your year in school, and a handshake.
  2. Share your experience. What have you done that might be relevant to the kind of work the organization does? What experiences have you had that might make you a memorable candidate?
  3. Say what you want. Be careful here – it’s not just, “I’m looking for an internship, do you have any?” Show that you’ve done your fact-finding in advance of talking to a recruiter: tell them something specific about their company that makes you want to work there.
  4. Ask a question. This helps you learn more, and gives the recruiter the opportunity to talk.

Final tip: draft your elevator pitch before you go, then practice it with a roommate, a friend, a family member, or in front of the mirror 10 times, so it feels natural.

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By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley