Episode 09: Quick Tips for Trans + Enby Students

Episode 09: Gender Identity & the Job/Internship Search

Hey Hoosiers, in these last three micro-episodes on getting ready for career fairs, we’re focusing on student groups that come to us with some unique questions and concerns. In this episode, we’re thinking about some of the challenges that trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming students might be thinking about when preparing to go to a career fair.

Remember, we can’t answer all your questions related to these challenges in just five minutes. We encourage you to follow up with us after you listen by scheduling a coaching appointment or coming to drop-in hours for more personalized help.

First of all, let’s acknowledge this straight-up: figuring out when and how to come out with your gender identity is a tough, tricky process. It can be even harder when you’re thinking about the relationship between your gender identity, the work that you want to do, and the people who you might one day work with.

There isn’t one right way to come out. And, coming out might not be for everyone.

First, let’s recall two tips from our last episode:

  1. It’s not necessary or always in your own best interest to self-disclose personal information in the early stages of the job-seeking process.
  2. Ask yourself before disclosing: is this detail about me relevant to my ability to do the job?
  3. The focus of your conversation should remain on your ability to do the job and your skills, qualifications, and interests that pertain to working for that organization.

On the other hand:

  1. You deserve respect from recruiters – and that includes respecting your pronouns and gender identity.
  2. It’s okay to expect people to use your correct pronouns and your proper name, not your dead name. (Even if it’s still your legal name.)
  3. Resume: you may put your pronouns and your proper name (not your dead name) on your resume!
  4. But remember, a company might ask you to provide HR with your legal name when they make you a job offer. IU Student Legal Services staff members are INCREDIBLE allies to LGBTQ+ students. You can and should ask for their help with this.

Information about Workplace Protection for LGBTQ+ Individuals

Other states 

  • Movement Advancement Project: LGBT Equality by State
  • Out & Equal 2017 Workplace Equality Fact Sheet
  • HRC State Maps of Laws & Policies – Employment
  • HRC 2019 Corporate Equality Index
  • HRC 2018 Best Places to Work (listed by industry)

Job Search Resources for LGBTQ+ Professionals

And, that’s a wrap on our first 9 micro-episodes for season 1! Thanks for listening, Hoosiers!

By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley