Resources & Strategies for Building Skills in Technology

Looking for ways to build some tech skills outside of class?

No matter your major, companies are always taking a second look at applications from people with strong skills with technology. Whether your technology interests lie more in back-end development of software or even designing visually appealing web content, there are a number of different ways you can begin to learn to code, design graphics & logos, edit video and audio, and more for free!

Coding tutorials

Codecademy provides interactive tutorials on several different coding languages from HTML & CSS, Python, Javascript, SQL, Ruby, and C++ to name a few. There is more content locked behind a pay wall, but it is a good introduction to some of the coding languages you may be interested in getting familiar with.

Free Code Camp operates similarly to Codecademy, though it has a much more comprehensive amount of information in its tutorials. You can choose through areas of concentration and earn certifications for your resume & LinkedIn profile such as Responsive Web Design, Data Visualization, and Javascript Algorithms & Data Structures.

Adobe’s Creative Suite through IUWare

IU gives you access through IUWare to download the entirety of the Adobe Creative Cloud for free. That’s over $600 worth of annual content which is free to you throughout your enrollment at IU. Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign are industry standard for those interested in graphic design, marketing, and UI/UX design. After Effects & Premiere Pro are good for those interested in video production & editing, and Adobe Audition is great for audio editing—though you may consider downloading the free version of Pro Tools for industry standard music production and audio for film.

Everything tutorials

Do you have your Monroe County Public Library card? It’s useful for much more than just checking out books. You’ll gain free access to tutorials, a much higher quality than what you may stumble across on YouTube, for all things technology from coding, photography, audio engineering and more.


Hit Record is a platform for creators interested in building their skills and portfolios by collaborating with one another on a variety of projects. From concept art to full soundtracks for video games, you can find people who share your interests with whom you can create something great.

Campus Organizations & Student Groups

The Center for Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) supports women who are eager to break into the world of technology and navigate issues of gender and identity in the workplace. They also host workshops, networking opportunities, and provide mentoring training and development. Code at IU can also be a useful student group to check out for those who are looking for a more didactic approach to learning to code rather than following online tutorials.

By Aaron Brutkiewicz
Aaron Brutkiewicz Graduate Intern & Career Coach Aaron Brutkiewicz