Exploring Positions and Job Search Tips in Design, Retail, & Apparel

Interested in a career in Design, Retail, & Apparel but don’t know the types of jobs they can offer?

Here are some brief job position suggestions and what these positions entail:

  • Graphic/Apparel Designer – Apparel Designers usually work with a team to develop new merchandise. Depending on the company, they will have you work with technology, specific clothing materials, and more. Apparel Designers are a large part of fashion companies and a lead apparel design position is usually not an entry level job. Experience with any company will assist in your acquiring of a position such as an apparel designer.
  • Retail Sales Associate – A Retail Sales Associate can be an entry level job that will put your foot in the Design, Retail, and Apparel world. Retail sales associates interact directly with customers and work on the sales floor. Retail sales associates positions require for skills such as communication, teamwork, and organization.
  • Product Development Manager – A product development manager is a position that requires experience. This position requires leadership, responsibility, organizational skills, and more. A product development manager is responsible for all parts of product development, they oversee and manage the whole process.

I will be releasing an in-depth description of these job titles within the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

I understand these are only a few opportunities in a world filled with positions in Design, Retail, and/or Apparel. To better your chances at getting your dream job here are a few tips:

  • LinkedIn is your FRIEND. Expand your network and research available positions through LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account already, strongly consider making one! If you find that you don’t know how to properly establish your LinkedIn profile, schedule an appointment with a Career Coach!
  • Keep an open mind. Not every job you apply for will hire you, keep an open mind and keep trying.
  • Actively update your RESUME. If you don’t know how to properly establish a resume, come in and visit a Career Coach! Career Coaches at the Walter Center have the professional experience and knowledge in developing resumes and cover letters.


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By Kiki Lin
Kiki Lin Peer Coach Kiki Lin