Are You an Aspiring Graphic Designer or Apparel Designer?

If you aspire to be a graphic designer or an apparel designer read below!

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers have the job responsibilities to create visual graphics. Graphic designers create designs either by hand or through online computer software. Many companies hire for graphic designers to attract a larger customer base. Graphic designers can have the responsibility of designing websites, logos, advertisements, magazine covers, and more; the types of projects graphic designers work on depend on what field they work in. For example the type of graphic design needed for Nike is different than the types of graphic design needed for an upcoming, new fashion brand! Many graphic designers have specific technical skills like photoshop, coding, social media, etc. To learn more about the specific skills, work activities, and more here is the ONET Summary report for graphic designers!


Apparel Designers

Apparel designers have job responsibilities including creating designs, illustrating, working with technology, knowing fashion trends, working with cloth, sewing, and more. According to many professionals, apparel designers often specialize in one type of clothing design. Clothing design is required for many fashion companies including brands such as Gucci, Nike, Old Navy, and more! Here is the ONET summary report for apparel designers! This site has insights on skills, work activities, wages, education, and more!


If you’re interested in the occupations of graphic designer or apparel designer and do not know what your next steps are, schedule an appointment with a career coach! The assigned career coach for these specific job titles is Michael Jordan. Come see Michael Jordan!

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By Kiki Lin
Kiki Lin Peer Coach Kiki Lin