D.C Career Trek: What it was like Meeting the CIA

Senator Richard Lugar took a quick photo with students from the College of Arts and Sciences during the annual D.C. Career Trek.

Fortunately, this information is not classified — College of Arts and Sciences students were able to visit the CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency, headquarters during a week-long career trek in Washington, D.C over spring break.

“Given my focus in the collection and analysis of intelligence, the visit to CIA headquarters was by far the greatest part of the DC Trek.  It was a privilege to visit the base of the world’s foremost espionage agency and to speak with officers concerning their work,” said graduate student Jordan Sommers.

The CIA is an independent agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers. It’s divided into five components: Directorates of Operations, Analysis, Science & Technology, Support, and Innovation. These divisions carry out “the intelligence cycle,” which is the process of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence information to top United States government officials.

CIA headquarters has an on-site museum that few people get to see in-person, but you can take an online tour.

In addition, the CIA has several ways students of varying levels can start to prepare for a career in government through their internship program. However, timing is everything! Most applications are due 12 months before the desired term in which you would like to complete the internship, so it’s important to plan early in your college career for this opportunity.

Are you interested in a career at the CIA or in other forms of government? Read more the CIA opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students here. Stop by the Walter Center for Career Achievement on the 2nd floor of Ernie Pyle Hall any day of the week during Career Studio or make an appointment.

By Courtney Stapleton
Courtney Stapleton