Career Exploration: The Medical Device Industry

Looking for a fast-paced, ever-changing career that combines medicine with technology? Perhaps the medical device industry is right for you! The medical device industry develops a wide range of products from surgical gloves to wheelchairs to surgical instruments. It plays a crucial role in creating new medical technologies that aid in the diagnoses and treatment of illnesses. There are three main roles in this industry:


System engineers use expert-level knowledge of technology to keep all the pieces of a particular project running smoothly. They have a knowledge of various areas of science in order to ensure that a product is properly designed to serve its purpose. System engineers must have strong interpersonal and managerial skills in order to efficiently direct a team.


The role of a technologist is one that requires active learning and expertise in a particular subject matter. Technologists take on specific challenges for extended periods of time and are on the cutting edge of innovation. This is a more specialized area of the medical device industry.


A data scientist’s role is to review disordered information and pull out actionable data. They then use this health data to identify statistical trends and develop new insights. They are the “data detectives of the medical device industry.” This role requires a background in computer science and statistics.

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By Jocelyn White
Jocelyn White Peer Coach Jocelyn White