Employer Spotlight: U.S. Department of State + Student Perspectives from the 2019 D.C. Career Trek

About the U.S. Department of State

The Department is responsible for promoting peace and stability in areas of vital interest to America, and helping developing nations establish stable economic environments.

The U.S. Department of State provides information and services for U.S. citizens traveling abroad, including passport issuance, and it issues visas to foreigners who wish to visit the United States. The Department is responsible for selecting and hiring employees who accomplish America’s mission of diplomacy at home and around the world, including Foreign Service Officers (Generalists), Foreign Service Specialists and Civil Service professionals. For those pursuing university degrees and professionals who are interested in an executive development program in public service, the Department offers a number of programs, including internships and fellowships.

U.S. Department of State employees, with their skills, character and commitment to public service, are the backbone of America’s diplomacy. They represent the American people, advocate U.S. interests to the rest of the world and are America’s first line of defense in a complex and often dangerous world.

The U.S. Department of State relies on all employees, regardless of rank and title, to represent its mission and to embrace a set of principles that encourages the highest degree of morale and productivity and sets an expectation of leading by example.

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Student Perspectives from the 2019 D.C. Trek 

Over spring break, students had the chance to visit the State House in Washington, D.C. Many students said that this was their favorite site visit of the trip and learned a lot about the opportunities that the U.S. Department of State provides.

IU student Lara Martinez was one of the students who visited the State House.

“One organization that students could choose to visit was the State Department which orchestrated a mock conflict between two countries to demonstrate the role that the organization plays in mediating and maintaining foreign relationships. Students developed a deeper understanding of the State Department, but engaged in analyzing a current, global concern. State Department employees guided students through core topics but also addressed their academic background to guide students on pursuing an internship or career in the organization. The site visits were invaluable in the information they provided about the industry and enriching experience by pursuing extracurricular activities.

Cassidy McCammon was another student who visited the State House during the spring break trip.

“The part that stands out to me the most is our visit to the State Department. Going in, I knew very little about the daily operations of the department. When we arrived, we were given a very thorough introduction by several different individuals within the State Department who all had very distinct jobs. We also got a taste of what it is like to be a Foreign Service Officer by participating in a simulation. I represented the State Department in a foreign country and had to resolve a very complicated issue about water supply between two fictional countries. I had a great time and it made me seriously consider a career in the State Department.


By Courtney Stapleton
Courtney Stapleton Courtney Stapleton