Start Creating Your Portfolio!

Are you a student in the career community of design, retail, and apparel? Or do you need a portfolio to apply for a job or graduate school? Well you’ve stumbled upon the right blog!

A student portfolio is a compilation of everything a student has created or learned throughout time. Portfolios show employers and graduate schools what a student has learned and what skills they have developed through their time as a student. Portfolios show of a student’s improvement over time and what the student thinks is important to them in their academic life.

To create a portfolio, here are a few things you need to have:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information
  • A Short Biography
  • Your Projects
  • Relevant Experience (Work, Clubs, etc.)
  • Your Social Media (if prompted for it)

There are definitely more items some may put into their portfolios but those are the standards items. A portfolio not only shows of your experience but it also shows of who you are. Feel free to design your portfolio in whatever way suits you.

Here are some websites that may offer more detailed insight on what to include in a portfolio:



Best of luck on your portfolio creating process and if you would like a career coach to review your portfolio, help you decide what information to include in your portfolio, or answer any of your questions about a portfolio schedule an appointment with Michael Jordan!

By Kiki Lin
Kiki Lin Peer Coach Kiki Lin