Building Finance, Management, Consulting, and Sales Experience in Fall 2019

As registration for Fall 2019 begins, it’s important to take required classes to make progress towards a degree. However, if there are some open elective course hours in your schedule it’s worth adding some classes to explore and build experience.  Students in the College of Arts and Science interested in career prospects typically associated with business may not consider pursuing coursework in the subject, but Indiana University offers its students opportunities to participate in multiple schools. For College of Arts and Science students hoping to explore or pursue a career in finance, management, consulting, and sales, there are non-major classes available to develop your skills in an academic setting. Doing some research on potential careers and their requirements can guide you on what classes could be helpful.

The Classroom, a website dedicated to college prep, is an example of a resource that can provide class recommendations to students. In this posting, four classes for students interested in sales are listed:
1. Sales Course(s) help define and explain the sales industry to students
2. Business Principles prepare students to understand economics, ethics, law, and negotiations
3. Marketing Strategies leads to a deeper understanding of sales concepts like sales promotions and media advertisements
4.Communication Skills equip students with the skills they need to be effective at communicating with clients and teammates

After completing some research and picking a few class topics that would be helpful, you can use IU’s iGPS tool to discover specific classes and see how they could fit into your schedule. A student in the College of Arts and Science can greatly benefit from taking a diverse range of courses, especially ones which can develop your practical skills.


By Lara Martinez
Lara Martinez Peer Coach Lara Martinez