Should you learn to code?

Are you a marketing or advertising major? An artist? A writer?

What can coding do for you?

Over the past few years, the idea that learning to code is something everyone should do has gained a lot of traction. Not just computer scientists and IT professionals: Everyone. Some have even gone so far as to argue that coding is the new literacy. Those who can’t do it will be at a fundamental disadvantage in the changing economy. This is view has been criticized, however, because the nature of coding itself is changing so rapidly. Others have pointed out that the possibility of earning a living through your coding ability alone is actually very limited. It is a skill to be added to your skillset, not one that will necessarily make or break your career goals.

On a practical level, for those who work in creative industries, what is the benefit of learning the basic principles of a common coding language? We’ve posted elsewhere about the importance of maintaining a digital portfolio and a personal website. Knowing the basics of HTML and CSS can dramatically broaden your awareness of what’s possible in website design and give you the tools for achieving your vision. You might consider online content another exciting medium through which you can express yourself in new and innovative ways that no one has considered before.

So how can you learn? There are many self-guided coding tutorials online. A colleague of mine has compiled a handy list of a few, in addition to some of the resources available to IU students.

Consider what coding can do for your online presence and check it out!

By Trevor Verrot
Trevor Verrot Career Coach Trevor Verrot