Shooting Your Shot: Journalism Major Interns at Professional Soccer Club

Senior journalism major Matthew Begala has worked as a creative director and reporter at the Indiana Daily Student. This past spring, he decided he wanted to build on these experiences through seeking a summer internship.

He started applying for sports journalism positions through a website called “Teamwork Online.” FC Dallas, a professional soccer club based out of Frisco, Texas, was the first response he received.

He interviewed and was chosen to be their summer intern. The whole process from application to interview took about two months.

“I wish someone could tell me to relax a little bit,” Matthew said.

In the beginning, he was uncertain about how his internship would unfold. He was worried his supervisors wouldn’t trust him enough. He didn’t need to worry after all, because everything was fine once he got to Texas and starting working. He’s been able to photograph soccer games by himself.

“Working with professional players and coaches is an invaluable experience,” he said.

He’s been able to assist the marketing team with assignments and shooting promotional photos. One thing that’s different from working in a student newsroom is that deadlines come a lot faster, so everyone needs to know their roles.

“Everyone has to know what they do and turn in stuff on time, which makes sure to not stress other people out,” Matthew said. Professional organizations also need to be mindful of how they’re using licensed products, such as Adidas.

Overall, Matthew wants other interns to know this:

“If they chose you, it does mean you have the skills and are equipped. Have more faith in yourself,” he said.

By Austin Guan
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