Cognitive science major Salil Gupta worked on virtual assistants, chatbots, data integration software

Along with his team at Roche Diagnostics, junior cognitive science major Salil Gupta worked on creating a voice-activated virtual assistant, an automated chatbot for employee questions, and smoother data integration software.

His role in his internship was to assist the HR IT team in managing employee data, which he says revealed the complexities of a corporate role. He was able to learn that he prefers roles more closely related to customer- and client-facing activities.

“Being able to observe the daily happenings at a company as large as Roche was something that I have never seen before,” Salil said. “So understanding the logistics, supply chains, IT infrastructure, and finances even a little bit is something completely different from what we do in school.”

Salil said that within biotechnology companies and other large companies, there are many roles that might have nothing to do with the primary product provided to customers. A lot of his tasks were for products provided to employees of the company, so in a way, it was like his customers were actually other employees.

“I would encourage people to be as open-minded as possible when it comes to learning from your experience,” Salil said. “Always accept an introduction when it is offered, as that could turn out to be a valuable personal connection in the future.”

By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator