Apparel Merchandising Senior Madeline Chrzan interns at E-LO Sportswear in NYC

E-LO Sportswear is a fashion company that creates innovative styles in the United States. It’s located just around the corner from Times Square.

As a sales intern, Madeline Chrzan was responsible for analyzing inventory, predicting buyer needs based on sales reports, and maintain showrooms. She was also able to participate in office life from attending meetings with buyers to completing special projects.

“This experience gave me insight into how a successful retail vendor functions,” Madeline said. “It helped me grow in my analyzing skills and my understanding of the industry.”

Madeline continues that this internship allowed her to get a glimpse of the vendor side of retail, something that students may not get to do in class alone. Having a clear grasp on this segment of retail can give students an advantage when it comes to seeking jobs in retail and sales.

Not only did Madeline learn a lot from her duties as a sales intern, but she was also able to learn and grow from others at E-LO Sportswear.

“The most rewarding part of this experience was working with great people,” she said.

Interpersonal skills are a major part of success in any career path; positive interactions with co-workers can build a great network of people that are knowledgeable and familiar with their industry.

Madeline’s experience at E-LO Sportswear gave her a look into what a potential career in retail and sales would be like. She advises trying to have accurate expectations for the fast-paced environment of retail before entering into the field.

“Before starting this position, I wish I had known how intense the retail industry can sometimes be,” she said.

By Lara Martinez
Lara Martinez Peer Coach Lara Martinez