Q+A with Telecommunications Alumni Bennett Conrad

Bennett Conrad graduated from IU in 2010 with a degree in Telecommunications. He has extensive experience in telecommunications. Recently, he worked as a producer at Tinker Park Studios, for two years before transitioning to Borshoff in late 2018.

What do you wish someone would have told you as you prepared to enter the workforce?
School is an essential component to understand the business and self-structure, but real-world experience is what really matters. Getting that first job is eye-opening and should tell you what you like and don’t like about a particular field. Your first job won’t be your last, always have a passion on the side to fuel you.

What piece of advice would you like to share with students currently looking for internships or full-time jobs?
Get ahead of the curve and find something you love. Don’t settle, but even if your first choice isn’t available, it will be as long as you continue to learn. Don’t stop learning, but don’t be afraid to do things differently.

Describe your daily tasks and how they support your organization.
I’ve been floating between a freelance and staff producer for 7 years, wearing a variety of hats in the wonderful world of advertising. Currently, my daily tasks include generating leads for new business, bidding new business, handling pre-production for (booked) upcoming jobs, producing current jobs, acting as an on-set Assistant Director, and aiding as graphic designer along the way. These roles help keep our overhead low, but my creative spirit high, collaborating with others outside the organization too which is key.

What is your favorite part of your job?
It’s always different and always changing. Keeping up with trends is important, learning how to separate yourself from those trends is very fun. It’s extremely satisfying pouring blood, sweat, and time into a project appropriately, then seeing the final product.

What surprised you most about the transition from college to full-time work?
Real-world experience is so much more valuable than college. Once again, school is important for exposure and specialized positions, but I was able to figure out how to make money and do what I love within the first few years out of college. It truly is important to love what you do, otherwise, you get stuck and time can fly by.

Reflecting on your time at IU, what memories come to mind?
Finding the balance of schoolwork and play. Basketball games & football tailgates. Taking the extra time to walk through campus. Going to Kilroys Thursday afternoons one semester when I didn’t have Friday classes.

Did you have a favorite class or professor during your time at IU?
Typography, 400 level Telecommunications classes with Ron Osgood.

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By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley