Now Hiring: Content Cucumber Seeks Business Journalism, Video Production Interns

About the Organization

Content Cucumber is a subscription-based writing service that provides SEO friendly content for anything you need. Their writers genuinely enjoy what they do on a daily basis because they have the opportunity to entertain, inform, and inspire all kinds of readers. Their “content-on-demand” service is used by businesses across many industries, from podcast marketing agencies to cannabis dispensaries to e-commerce stores. These companies are paired with their very own dedicated Content Cucumber writer, who works to help bring creative ideas to life.

They are a quickly growing startup and are very excited to be adding new creative talent to their team. Their mission is to make the internet a better place.

Content Cucumber has roughly the same acceptance rate as Harvard when it comes to hiring their staff. They carefully choose those that are sure to be the right fit for their company.

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Content Cucumber seeks a creative, self-starting Business Journalism Intern to help launch and maintain a daily online newsletter for their audience.

The intern will work alongside the Chief Editor to develop a concept for the publication – a title, general branding, audience avatars, and a focus. The intern will be tasked with creating and compiling content for the newsletter. They will also be in charge of designing the layout of the newsletter. Lastly, the intern will work with the Chief Editor to market this publication and build an audience.

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Content Cucumber is currently seeking a detail-oriented Video Production Intern to assist in filming and post-editing marketing videos featuring a Content Cucumber co-founder.

The video production intern will travel to the Content Cucumber office with any video equipment at their disposal. During each of these days, the intern will film our co-founder talking about various business and life topics that may be of interest to our audience.

The intern will be responsible for post-editing the video content into short, poignant videos that will comprise a daily video series. This work may be completed remotely. These videos will then be shared and enjoyed by the growing Content Cucumber audience!

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By Courtney Stapleton
Courtney Stapleton Courtney Stapleton