Now Hiring: GetCheddar Seeks Customer Service Intern

About the Organization:

Based in Bloomington, GetCheddar is a usage-based billing platform for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. Marc Guyer and Mike Trotzke founded Cheddar in 2009 as part of their venture studio, SproutBox. While initially built to speed the development of startups at SproutBox, Cheddar has grown organically to bill millions each month.

Cheddar manages all the complexity of billing and collections – including activity tracking, pricing, subscription management, overage, invoicing, external payments, processing, underwriting, SaaS metric reporting, customer communications, and revenue optimization. The unique combination of real-time usage tracking and billing automation revolutionizes how hundreds of companies monetize.

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GetCheddar seeks a Customer Service Intern who will be working with one of Bloomington’s signature startups at Bloomington’s newest co-working facility, the Dimension Mill.

The intern will be tasked with interacting with customers all over the world, providing initial support response via email and chat, and dispatching customer and sales requests appropriately. Working closely with both technical and sales staff, the intern will learn valuable troubleshooting and communication skills. As a valued member of a small startup team, the intern will gain insights into all aspects of the business including fundraising, growth strategies, and product development.

The internship offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with a small team and learn how an early-stage company works firsthand.

In addition, they will work directly with the CEO to develop an ongoing project aligned with the intern’s field of study/interests. This project will be worked on throughout the internship, with guidance and training from related staff. Examples of these types of ongoing projects include QA testing, research of potential sales leads, content creation, digital marketing and/or software development.

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By Courtney Stapleton
Courtney Stapleton Courtney Stapleton