Senior Biology Major Plans Outreach Events, Prepares Lesson Plans as Wonderlab Intern

As an intern for the local WonderLab Museum, senior Alexus Strait prepared science enriched lesson plans for elementary school children involving a hands-on, inquiry-based environment for each individual student.

She was able to plan outreach events within the community, which helped her improve her interpersonal relations skills.

“It taught me to be more confident and outgoing in a work setting as I developed more advanced leadership skills,” she said.

WonderLab’s mission is to provide opportunities for people to experience the wonder and excitement of science through interactive exhibits and programs that stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration, connect to the arts and everyday life, and foster lifelong learning.

The mission of WonderLab aligns with Alexus’ belief in the importance of teaching science. “Science can have such an impact on the lives of small children as they are developing and exploring,” she said.

Alexus also shares how the internship impacted her. “The most rewarding part of this experience was having a hand in the lives of such young children as they grow and develop to have a scientific mind.”

The WonderLab has internships available that you can apply for, as well as volunteer experiences.

One of her big takeaways from her internship was learning the importance of trying your best no matter the circumstances.

“Give it you’re all! Never think of an internship as a temporary or a small task because you never know what might come out of it,” she said.

By Emily Pettit
Emily Pettit Peer Coach Emily Pettit