Sophomore Audrey Boudreau expands worldview through France internship

As a Regulatory Affairs intern for Evonik, sophomore Audrey Boudreau spent last summer in France munching on croissants, climbing the Eiffel Tower, and converting drug master files into electronic ones so the company could renew their drug product certification with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

While at Evonik, Audrey was able to combine her interests in biochemistry and policy with her skills in technology. To create the new electronic files, Audrey had to construct tables, format graphs, and recreate other visuals involved in the creation of prescription drug labels. Audrey had to follow specific guidelines set forth by the FDA, requiring her to work very diligently.

In addition to the ins and outs of drug master files, Audrey said, “I learned the ways that large businesses must collaborate in order to reach their goals. Whether someone was a chemical engineer who designed the manufacturing process, a field chemist who administered the process, or a regulatory affairs personnel who constructed the reports for the process, every single person acts as a gear in order to make the larger machine work.”

Audrey credits the power of networking for this life-changing opportunity. What started with a simple email to her friend’s father turned into a professional and personal growth experience.

“More than anything else, I learned to challenge myself by trying new things and to advocate for myself when there is something I really want,” she said.

Among Audrey’s biggest takeaways from her internship was a newfound love for travel, history, and culture.

“This internship experience offered me a lot of perspective on the rest of the world.”

By Brandon Barnes
Brandon Barnes Peer Coach Brandon Barnes