Social Media Intern Mesa Sebree Cultivates Digital Community for Hamilton Lugar School

Mesa Sebree, a junior in the Hamilton Lugar School, spends her workdays using social media to promote events and speakers related to global affairs — right down the hall from former Congressman Lee Hamilton and former Ambassador Lee Feinstein. 

While I don’t work with them personally or directly, I never thought I would be in the same work environment as former congressmen or ambassadors, but seeing them walking down the halls going about their workday as I go about mine really makes me feel like the work I’m doing is important,”  Mesa said. “It makes me feel that even if it’s just a social media job, I am contributing to something larger than myself by promoting humanitarianism and global activism.”

Mesa is a social media intern for the Hamilton Lugar School, so she uses her time to filter through IU events and speakers and posts about the ones she thinks best represent the ideas and values of Hamiton Lugar. 

A social media intern, one of Mesa’s goals is to “try to be holistic in my approach, so I go beyond promoting only HLS sponsored events.”

“I really try to encourage any things that relate to global affairs or have international elements.” 

Even though Mesa enjoyed working so closely with longtime global affairs experts, she felt nervous to begin her job. Confidence and comfort were two things she learned on the job. 

“Going into the job I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be ‘good enough’ but I now feel more confident in my ability not just to create a digital community but thrive in an environment that previously intimidated me,” she said.

Now, Mesa’s biggest advice for those searching for internships or starting a new position is to not doubt yourself. Genuine interest and a desire to learn helped Mesa become knowledgeable about the ins and outs of working in social media. 

“It’s always scary taking a step into a previously unknown space, but this job has proved that while the professional world is intimidating at first, it turns out to be equally rewarding!”

Mesa is always looking for events and people to highlight for her internship, and she’d love to hear from you. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

By Sophie Todd
Sophie Todd Peer Coach Sophie Todd