Interior Design Major Allison Hector Puts Her Craft to the Test in Design Contest

Interior design students from the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture, and Design recently competed in the Big Ten Student Design Competition, which acknowledges learning can take place outside of the classroom in dorms, libraries, and social spaces. Students are challenged to propose a redesign of an informal space on their school’s campus.

Allison Hector’s team chose to redesign Room 222 in the Frances Morgan Swain Student Building.

“We redesigned the space in a way that would accommodate various types of learning such as independent and collaborative,” the junior interior design major said.  “We also designed it to be brighter, more IU branded, and overall more flexible and comfortable.”

She was in charge of selecting furniture for the space from Herman Miller, the organization that sponsors the contest. Allison had to keep her team’s goals in mind as well as choose furniture that fit the layout of the overall space and floor plan.

Students from seven of the Big 10 Schools competed. Competition winners earn a cash prize and their designs are made into reality.

The competition included students from seven of the Big 10 schools. Winners of the competition earn a cash prize and their designs are made into reality. Allison’s team was chosen to represent IU, although they didn’t make it to the final round.

“The most rewarding part of this experience was putting in the time and effort into the project for it to be selected by IU judges to represent IU,” she said.

Through this experience, Allison learned to work professionally within a group. She found that she had different skill sets than her partners and she was able to discover the areas in which she best thrives.

“In the Interior Design Program at IU, we most often work on individual projects and it was nice to have experience working in groups,” she said.

This competition boosted Allison’s confidence in interior design.

“I have learned that I am capable of doing more than I think I can in regards to interior design.”

By Lia Thayer
Lia Thayer Peer Coach Lia Thayer