Seeking Grad School? Consider earning your masters from the O’Neill School

With a master’s degree from the O’Neill School, you’ll be prepared to make a real change in the world and to lead for the greater good. Whatever your interest — public affairs, the environment, the arts, or healthcare — they have a nationally recognized program that can help you develop that passion and shape it into a meaningful career.

“O’Neill had everything I was looking for in a graduate experience: challenging courses, passionate and experienced faculty, staff and career advisors, hands-on learning opportunities, and amazing classmates,” said Kyle Clark-Sutton, MPA-MSES ’15.

You’ll study at a top-tier research institution with access to an expansive and varied curriculum—earning an integrated, holistic degree from a school with an established, national reputation. And you’ll graduate prepared to lead in the public, nonprofit, or corporate world, pairing big-picture ideas with hands-on experience.

The O’Neill School is one of the largest and most respected schools of its kind, consistently recognized as the #1 school for public administration in the world.

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By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley