Caroline Yauck Stitches Together Future Plans after Internship in Women’s Denim

Do you own a pair of American Eagle jeans? 🙋‍♀️

Senior Caroline Yauck spent last summer on the women’s denim team at American Eagle Outfitters, which is a huge sector of the company. She spent her days sending financial recaps to her team, reporting on competitor assortments, and presenting new denim trends.

“One of the most rewarding parts of the experience was seeing how valuable my opinion was,” Caroline said. “Since I am the target demographic, my feedback as a customer was taken very seriously.”

Over the course of the summer, Caroline completed several different projects, including competitive analyses, trend forecasting, and business hindsight. She then presented her findings and recommendations to people higher-up in the company. Her final project was analyzing back-to-school denim sale trends in Canada, in which she identified opportunities to grow the company’s sales by 30 percent.

Caroline loved her internship and the opportunity to see how a successful company works behind the scenes. However, “I learned that I want to go into something a bit more product-focused in the future,” she said.

She learned there are many different paths to take and endless opportunities in the ever-changing retail industry. Although her internship showed her Merchandising might not be her preferred field, she still made valuable connections with industry professionals.

“I met so many incredible, inspiring people in completely different departments than my own, and it opened my eyes to other areas of the industry,” she said. “I learned how to pitch ideas to higher-ups to try to convince others of my ideas as well.”

Her advice to students pursuing internships?

“Take advantage of your resources and meet with as many people at the company as possible — don’t be shy!”

By Lia Thayer
Lia Thayer Peer Coach Lia Thayer