Senior Tiffany Xie applies English and Biology Studies in Adriane Labs Internship

Tiffany Xie is a double major in the College of Arts and Science, soon to graduate with a BA in English and a BS in Biology. She is interested in continuing her education in medical school and exploring how her work can enhance public health. During the 2019 summer term, she completed an internship with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer where she worked with Adriane Labs.

“I interned with Dr. Evan Benjamin in the Office of the Chief Medical Officer,” she said. “My three projects centered on researching programs to improve response to adverse medical events, developing a methodology to scout for new ideas, and highlighting some Ariadne projects through blog posts.”

Tiffany used both of her majors to complete this internship with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer. Her Biology degree contributed to the technical knowledge that she needed for the research portions of the internships. While, using her English skills to write concise papers that summarized her research, design new idea fielding techniques, and author blogs to educate the public about Adriane Labs. Tiffany provided this internship with a unique mixture of skills by having both an English and Biology degree.

“I love public health because it captures the importance of seeing individual narratives, as in English, while investigating larger patterns, as in biology.” -Tiffany Xie

With Tiffany’s education and experience, she intends to explore how she can contribute to the healthcare field including medicine and public health. She discovered that Adriane Labs is an organization that has a positive impact on public health with a unique workplace environment that suits Tiffany. She desires to work in a similar environment after medical school.

“After this summer, I’m going back to Indiana to finish up my degrees, write a collection of short stories for my English thesis, and apply to medical school,” she said. “It’s been amazing working here and seeing how many different ways there are to work in public health and medicine. I like to think that Ariadne is the place that finds harmony in chaos—a bunch of people from different backgrounds and places working together to make a change.”

By Kasey Cassle
Kasey Cassle Peer Coach Kasey Cassle