Senior Annie Hope Mazzola’s Career Journey through 3 Retail & Fashion Internships

Many college students aspire to obtain internships that will help them achieve their career goals and, for some, find out exactly what their career goals are.  Senior Annie Hope Mazzola hasn’t just had one internship during her time at IU, she’s had three. Each unique internship gave her a new perspective on the retail and fashion industry.

“My first internship at Beija Flor Denim validated my aspirations of working in the retail industry,” she said.  At this internship, with a denim company based in South Carolina, Annie Hope planned and organized catalogs, blogs, and small photoshoots.

Annie Hope had this internship the summer after her freshman year at IU, and it assured her that she was in the right field.  Her experience in her first internship pushed her to apply for another one, this time for Vans Hong Kong. During this internship, Annie Hope ran social media platforms, analyzed advertising campaigns, and wrote and approved English press releases for multiple product launches.

“I believe it is this internship that has catapulted me to where I am today,” Annie Hope said. “However, I learned that I did not want to be in communications/social media during this internship.”

After her internship with Vans, Annie Hope applied to be an intern at Urban Outfitters.  Urban Outfitters has an extremely competitive internship program.

“The Vans Hong Kong internship helped me stand out in the competitive internship program that Urban Outfitters has,” she said.

During her internship at Urban Outfitters, Annie Hope worked directly with the products, a sharp contrast to her Vans Hong Kong internship.  She managed, tracked, and compared over 75 design and production samples, negotiated and communicated freight on board and the retail costs with vendors overseas, and created a sustainability initiative for vendors.

“I realized I loved working specifically with products and helping impact the designs,” Annie Hope said of her Urban Outfitters internship.  Each internship gave her a unique learning experience, and Annie Hope’s goals changed after every internship as she learned more about herself and the industry.

“I made big mistakes during my first two internships that helped me to become more detail-oriented and focused.  Without those mistakes, I don’t think I would have been as successful at Urban Outfitters,” she said.

Annie Hope’s mistakes and experiences have paid off in huge ways; she has accepted a position with Stitch Fix after graduation.  She will move to San Francisco and become a buying coordinator for the company.

Annie Hope has clearly been extremely successful during her time here at IU.  “Almost all of the opportunities I’ve had have come directly from resources at Indiana University.  If you see a company you admire at the career fair, go talk to them! You never know how far simply showing up can get you.”

By Lia Thayer
Lia Thayer Peer Coach Lia Thayer