Sophomore Carrick Moon Steps Out of His Major and Comfort Zone at Season Magazine

Sophomore Carrick Moon is double majoring in political science and sociology, but that doesn’t stop him from succeeding as the Director of Finances for Season Magazine, a student-run fashion magazine.

“Although on the surface, the role of Director of Finance seems incongruous with political science or sociology, it’s granted me an incredible opportunity to do inspired work, because I know that if I do my job to the best of my ability, then other members will look to Season as an organization where they can learn, grow, and thrive.”

Not only does Carrick allocate funding for the magazine and budgeting its spending, he also worked on the incorporation of Season Magazine as a registered nonprofit. To do this, Carrick spent time last summer drafting a constitution and bylaws for the magazine, opening a bank account, and creating a detailed spreadsheet detailing the finances of the organization. Now, he works alongside a board of directors to make decisions that will allow the magazine to continue to thrive.

Carrick said that he’s “gained not only invaluable experience with organizational improvement, interdepartmental communication, and goal management but a community of friends and peers I can count on to encourage my best at every step.”

Even though Carrick hopes to work in representative politics, his experience at Season Magazine has still taught him valuable lessons that transcend subject boundaries.

“Season Magazine hasn’t torn my ideal career path away from representative politics, but it has provided me a newfound appreciation for taking initiative and establishing strong organizational foundations, which I often see reflected in politics and the ventures I now pursue.”

Carrick has advice for students who, like him, don’t want to spend their time at IU “pursuing anything less than academic and extracurricular fulfillment.”

“It’s important to look beyond standard paths and work to forge your own. College is a unique chance to focus on learning -whether about ourselves, our peers, or the world around us, but if one is to do that fully, they have to step outside their comfort zone. That’s what Season Magazine has required of me, and it’s why I’m so grateful to help lead the organization.”


By Sophie Todd
Sophie Todd Peer Coach Sophie Todd