Sophomore Annie Petro participates in Intensive 5-week Dance Festival

Sophomore Annie Petro, who majors in Contemporary Dance, was able to participate in a 5-week intensive called American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina. ADF is a dance intensive that allows college and professional dancers to experience a summer of intense study with prestigious dance teachers and choreographers from all over the country. Students can personalize their experience by choosing the specific classes they enroll in, audition for performance experiences, and having the opportunity to witness many dance performances.

At ADF, she experienced an inclusive environment that cultivated growth in her passion and knowledge of dance. 5 weeks of study dedicated exclusively to dance allowed for leaps of growth in her training and built foundations in her study that are crucial for her future career.

“During my time at ADF, I grew. I became more curious about dance and the impact it has on society. It opened my eyes to the world of dance, and excites me for my future in the dance community,” Annie said.

Along with learning dance technique and choreography, Annie was able to find clarity in her future career and personal goals. She found friendship in her classmates and was inspired to use dance as a tool for change. The art of dance brought many people together for the summer, so she knows that it has the power to change the world through art and passion. With this passion, she hopes to perform with a professional dance company and expand dance throughout the world.

“I would tell others to immerse themselves in their interests, deepen their studies, and stay curious,” she said.

Annie found a stronger passion for her dance in Durham and has brought these experiences back to Bloomington to share with other students.

By Kasey Cassle
Kasey Cassle Peer Coach Kasey Cassle