What it Takes to Succeed at Roche Diagnostics

With thousands of employees, Roche Diagnostics is one of the largest employers in Indiana. The company specializes in equipment for medical research and diagnostics, but jobs at Roche aren’t limited to those with medical degrees. In fact, Roche has reached out to the College of Arts + Sciences to promote two of their programs, the The Roche Indy Accelerated Development Program, and the Roche Intern Program.

We asked Aishariya Alvarez, IU Alum and and Associate Marketing Manager at Roche, what it takes to succeed at Roche. Here is what Aishariya had to say:

What common skill sets do you find in students who are most successful within your organization? 

“Digital Skills. Proficiency in digital skills is important if students want to work in life sciences and IT. (And) Data and Analytics Skills. Data and analytics skills are becoming an increasing demand from hiring managers; however, we are not yet at a point where all roles require a background with manipulating data or analytics; however, there are particular projects where it is necessary to be successful. There is an opportunity for an intern in every role to leverage accessible data to reveal hidden problems or demonstrate success through defined metrics. As we grow and expand our business and our focus on digital diagnostics, it’s going to be important for candidates to be more and more comfortable working with data. Analytics is growing more important for us.”

Please describe the value of a liberal arts education and why your organization is interested in recruiting students with this background.

“Leadership skills on a team – Skills can be through informal or formal experiences, including leading a student organization, classmates on completing a class project, colleagues on an internship project, or a shift at a part-time job. (We want) to see a student who can lead peers to success.

Written/verbal communication skills – Students who can clearly translate their past experiences into transferable skills on job responsibilities where they may not yet have specific experience (sales, marketing, finance, etc.). It is also important for candidates to outline thoughts in written communication to make a point in a concise and polished manner. (It is) important to see how a student clearly communicates their thoughts to different stakeholders in all situations.

Problem-solving skills – How a student has tackled a challenge in the past (in the classroom, with a student group, at an internship). Articulate how the problem was identified, what initiative was taken to address it, and how was it solved. (It is) important to see how they do not shy away from a challenge.”

The Walter Center thanks Aishariya for the insight and advice. If you feel that these descriptions match your skills, you can learn more about Roche at the below links.

Roche ADP (For recent graduates)

Roche Intern Program (For current students)

By Hillary Nienhouse
Hillary Nienhouse Assistant Director, Employer Relations Hillary Nienhouse