Starting Your Career Right: Insights from IDS Alumni

This is a recording of Starting Your Career Right: Insights from IDS Alumni, an interactive panel organized by the Student Publications Alumni Association in conjunction with the Media School and Walter Center for Career Achievement. Students connected with IDS alumni during an informative hour to glean information on how to snag a job in your first few years after college.

Kevin Corcoran, Strategy Director – Lumina Foundation

Lindsey Erdody, Staff Reporter – Indianapolis Business Journal
Alyssa Goldman, Recruiter – FTI Consulting
Chandra Turner, Founder – Talent Fairy

Tips & Resources from the Panelists:
Panelists offered these tips and resources throughout the session through the chat feature.

  • Buy “Knock Em Dead,” go over the interview questions (and the questions behind the questions), and write a script of your potential responses. Rehearse. Interviews are about 1) can you do the job 2) do you want the job? 3) does the employer want you to do the job?
  • For work transitions, “Working Identity” is a great book.
  • Knight Center Trainings
  • To help figure out your story, at any stage of your career, use CareerLeader. It’s $95 and takes 2-3 hours to get at your skills, motivators, and values. The skills tool allows you to get a 360 review from peers, supervisors, and other co-workers.12:48:44
  • Apply to The Week Junior job:
  • Story on resume/bots is here:
  • Tool to talk to women experts:
  • Create a spreadsheet. In one column, list what you know (how a bill becomes a law, how Medicaid works, etc.), in the next, list what you can do (negotiate, multitask, interview, etc.) and finally, in the third column, how you might apply those skills.
  • Subscribe to Indy’s nonprofit newsletter. Lots of jobs in there. Also program searches on Indeed, LinkedIn, and idealist to ID jobs you might be interested in.
By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley