“Demonstrate your authentic self,” says Neuroscience Alum and Roche Technician, Ross DeJohn

Ross DeJohn spends his workdays conducting complex chemical tests for a global healthcare company, Roche. But before he was a Senior Quality Control Technician, he was an intern, and before that, a Neuroscience student at Indiana University. The Walter Center’s own, Molly Burkhardt, had a chance to speak with Ross to talk about his path. This is what he had to share:

How did you decide on your career path?

“One of the many benefits about starting my career at a company like Roche is that there are a multitude of career paths open to me as I continue to build my skill set and develop professionally within the company. This has been particularly valuable to me as someone who’s vision for my career was relatively unrefined immediately after graduation. While I am still early in my career, Roche has provided me with endless resources and support at every step so that I am best able to position myself for opportunities that align with my interests and career goals.”

What is your favorite part about working at Roche?

“My hands-down favorite part about working at Roche is the people. From the people I work with on a daily basis to the people within the organization who I interact with for the first time, everyone demonstrates a high level of integrity and interest in the success of everyone else around them.”

What would you recommend to current students who might be interested in working at Roche?

“One recommendation to current students who are interested in a career at Roche, beyond just showcasing academic excellence, organizational involvement, and diverse experiences, would be to demonstrate your authentic self and personal brand. At the end of the day, we are all just people with a broad range of personalities, interests, and aspirations. If you can show who you are and what motivates you, that will help propel you wherever your career journey might take you. ”

If you are a current IU student who is interested in Ross’s path, we recommend connecting with Ross on the WCSN, and also connecting with Roche on Handshake and at the upcoming Fall Career + Internship Fair. 

By Hillary Nienhouse
Hillary Nienhouse Assistant Director, Employer Relations Hillary Nienhouse