Is Biomedical Research in Your Future? Consider IU School of Medicine’s IBMG Program

IU School of Medicine

What We Offer:

The Indiana BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) program is the entry point for biomedical science doctoral students at IU School of Medicine–Indianapolis. It provides students with a shared first-year experience that includes a central curriculum, professional development activities, success services and wellness resources.The program emphasizes supporting students in reaching their optimal capability to make meaningful contributions to their scientific and career goals. During three first-year research rotations, students explore their ability to play a significant role in a lab where they address the most pressing health challenges.

We currently offer ten doctoral degrees through the Indiana BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program. We also offer degrees including the MD, MSTP (MD/PhD), PhD, MS, MSMS, and several graduate certificates.


An important highlight to students is maintaining the same dedicated support team in the Graduate Division from recruitment into the IBMG program through alumni status.

Our students often note the collaborative and helpful training environment. The culture of mentoring we’re continuously working towards is dependent on the students, faculty, and staff. We have found the more we focus on supporting our students and developing formal and informal mentoring relationships where mentors and mentees are active agents in this relationship, the more belonging, creativity, and engagement our students, faculty, and staff report experiencing. Our goal is to utilize our mentoring culture as one mechanism for disrupting bias while cultivating inclusion and belonging to enhance research innovation.

We believe promoting student vitality extends beyond supporting the contributions our students make to science. When we foster student belonging and wellness, IUSM graduate students can leave campus and engage in other aspects of their lives—knowing they are valued and supported.

Application Advice:

For anyone applying to graduate and professional programs, while being nervous is certainly valid—it’s a big process that comes with a lot of emotions—there are many professionals available to help. So whether there are questions about the application process, developing materials, or information needed to help narrow one’s programs of interest, we are here for you!

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By William Pape
William Pape Peer Coach William Pape