Senior Journalism Major Jaden Amos is Breaking the News

Senior Jaden Amos recently completed an internship with CBS News. Jaden is an honors journalism student hoping to work in digital news after graduation. She currently works at the Indiana Daily Student and is a fellow at The Texas Tribune. She is also a member of the Hoosier Scholar Ambassadors and works at the Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism.  She loves journalism, community work, and aims to find ways to merge the two into important storytelling.

When reflecting on the experience, Jaden discussed the opportunities she had such as meeting press secretaries and politicians. She went on to thank those to who contributed to the Internship Scholarship Program, saying, “Your generosity is the reason I was able to meet numerous politicians and discover how much I love D.C. I cannot thank you enough. I learned several important lessons in D.C. and got to see some of the year’s biggest news stories with my own eyes in D.C. I was there for Impeachment, the State of the Union and the coronavirus. I learned so much not just about broadcast journalism, but also about the political realm that exists and so much about how politicians hate journalists. I also learned about the amazing history of Washington D.C. and was able to travel places I’ve never traveled to before.”

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By Matthew Galgano
Matthew Galgano Peer Coach Matthew Galgano