Recap & Takeaways from Media Career Chats: Careers In Advertising

This is a recording of the Media Career Chats: Advertising webinar. Watch to gain insights from IU alumni with careers in advertising, an interactive panel organized by the Media School and the Walter Center for Career Achievement. Students engaged with IU alumni during an informative hour to learn how to manage life post-graduation, find a job, and launch their career in news reporting.

Professor Bill Schwab, Coordinator and Chair of Advertising Department, Indiana University Media School 

Melanie Sims, Senior Copywriter, Leo Burnett Chicago
Nik Traxler, Advertising Producer, The Distillery Project
Molly Watson, Founder & Principal, Evolution Engine

Tips & Resources from the Panelists:
Panelists offered these tips and resources throughout the session through the chat feature.

  • Know about the company that you want to work for and do your homework before an interview or phone call.
  • Take courses that interest you and be ready to share your interests. Create something that you can share that is a reflection of you.
  • The industry is very versatile and it’s easy to start in one area and find yourself in another.
  • Good teamwork skills are essential. You won’t always mesh well with everyone but always do the best you can and get the work done.
  • Have a good network of people that can help you in those difficult situations of working in teams.
  • Be there the earliest and leave the latest. Work hard and it will show.
  • Don’t be so focused on working for the massive companies and look into other small opportunities because those areas often help you develop your skills the most.
  • In dealing with creative burnout follow your curiosities for inspiration and have boundaries that bolster your self-confidence. Be capable of stepping away from your work.
  • Work life balance is hard to achieve, especially early on. But if you really love the industry, the people around you and the energy they emit is contagious.
  • Know your limits and make the time for a balance within your commitment to the job.
  • Your work experience will dictate your work-life environment in many ways but you decide that balance at the end of the day.

Please reach out to our guests and continue career chats via the Walter Center Success Network, which is the College of Arts + Sciences online networking platform. It is a great way to stay connected with IU alumni in the field.

By William Pape
William Pape Peer Coach William Pape