Recap & Takeaways from Media Career Chats: Public Relations

This is a recording of the Media Career Chats Public Relations segment: insights from IU alumni with careers in public relations, an interactive panel organized by the Media School and the Walter Center for Career Achievement. Students engaged with IU alumni during an informative hour to learn how to manage life post-graduation, find a job, and launch their career in news reporting.


Sarah Cady, Associate Director of Employer Relations, Walter Center for Career Achievement 


Anna Spitzer, Director of Global Communications – Maybelline New York

Alicia Webb, Director of Communications – Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Tips & Resources from the Panelists:

Panelists offered these tips and resources throughout the session through the chat feature.

  • Keep and open mind and know that you may start in one area and end in another area.
  • Focus on networking and meeting people that can build relationships with.
  • Use connections from prior internships and experiences.
  • Put yourself out there and be yourself!
  • Follow the influencers you admire or don’t know about and see what they are doing.
  • If you are interested in Freelance work, balance and patience are key. It can open doors for you in various industries and allow you to learn a lot.
  • Look for agencies that will help you find work if you are struggling.
  • Follow various networking groups on facebook and other social media platforms and read different news articles.
  • Publicity Club of Chicago
  • The American Marketing Association 
  • Indiana University Alumni Association
  • Things that stand out to employers: Really great writing, any tech skills, and great communication skills.
  • Standing out on LinkedIN: Professional Headshot, don’t leave anything blank and show off personality wherever you can.
  • Be a team player
  • Make time for yourself and take advantage of that time.

Please reach out to our guests and continue career chats via the Walter Center Success Network or WCSN which is the college of arts and sciences online networking platform and is a great way to stay connected with IU alumni in the field.

By William Pape
William Pape Peer Coach William Pape