Fast Track PR Agencies Information Session Recap

The Walter Center for Career Achievement welcomed a panel of representatives from various public relations agencies based in Indianapolis for a virtual information session. Below is a brief recap of that session. If you would like a copy of the recording of this information session please email


Jennifer Chan, Founder, Porchlight PR
Justin Wojtowicz, VP, Group Account Director, Borshoff
Emily Cress, Senior PR Manager, BLAST Media
Greta Snell, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Dittoe Public Relations

Information Session Recap:

Panelists introduced their agencies, core competencies, culture and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and recommendations for starting a career in public relations.

  • Why is the public relations industry so fast paced? Mainly because you are handling many things at once and have to do various tasks that require different skills throughout the day.
  • Because of the fast pace, you learn valuable skills that most businesses and industries need like working smarter, organizational skills, and time management.
  • Networking is crucial in this industry not just in creating relationships with others for career gains but also within the job. Forming relationships with clients and companies help your business and make you a more valuable employee.
  • Maintaining these relationships throughout your career is vital to success in the industry and it pays off in the long run both in your professional career and work at your job.
  • Cross industries when networking. If you are interested in PR reach out to people in the media industry as well because the two industries help each other.
  • In terms of how to manage your work during the pandemic. Reach out to your supervisor if you are struggling. Talk to peers and know that people are feeling it right along with you.
  • The pandemic has changed the industry because it has made companies realize how important the right message is and have made companies that don’t normal seek PR help but now want it.
  • The pandemic has created a lot of innovation in the PR industry and various other industries which has created new avenues and platforms for members of the community to explore.
  • How is the PR industry handling social inequality and working toward diversity? Lots of workshops that are driving change within the industry and educating employers and employees. Also pro bono work for black businesses.
  • Multitasking is essential to the job because it demands adaptability and constant change so schedules are never really set.
  • Informational interviews are a good way to build network and not just look for a job. Turn to informational interviews if you don’t know where to begin.

The panelists spoke about the hiring process for their respective agencies and this is what they said:

  • Dittoe Public Relations is not hiring entry level at this time but if you are interested reach out to Greta Snell for more information. Their summer internship opportunities will start to appear on their website at the start of the new year and early 2021. Check Dittoe’s blogs and news channels.
  • BLAST Media said their internships for next summer will start appearing in February and March so contact Emily Cress for more details. For open positions see this link.
  • Porchlight PR is not actively hiring at the moment and has not determined what their 2021 internships will look like. Jennifer Chan  is encouraging students to send resumes and is willing to help connect students to other opportunities in different departments at Porchlight PR.
  • Borshoff is also not currently hiring and not sure about summer 2021 internships. If you are interested in an informational interview with someone at Borshoff contact Justin Wojtowicz.


Please reach out to our guests if you have any more questions. Their LinkedIN information is linked above.

By William Pape
William Pape Peer Coach William Pape