Information Session Recap: C-SPAN Make Up Your Own Mind

The Walter Center for Career Achievement welcomed representatives from C-SPAN for virtual information session. Below is a brief recap of that session. If you would like a copy of the recording of this information session please email

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C-SPAN Representatives:

Doug Hemmig, Community Relations Representative  – C-SPAN
Jenae Green, Marketing and Community Outreach – C-SPAN

Information Session Recap:

  • C-SPAN is unique in its coverage and services. It is putting people in the rooms where bills get signed and arguments are heard.
  • The company is non-profit and not driven by tv ratings.
  • C-SPAN provides long for coverage with no editing, shares multiple viewpoints, and no commentary.
  • Live coverage of the house, senate, briefings of important officials, coverage of oral arguments of supreme court, nominations, testimonies, and so on.
  • Coverage also includes state coverage and response of local officials. C-SPAN also covers national and international events like the 2020 election.
  • C-SPAN offers a wide library of information on specific congresspersons records, appearances, and committee positions.
  • The website also has thousands of hours of recorded video.
  • An entry level position at C-SPAN is a production assistant – they engage in day to day coverage in public affairs as producers, editors, designers, representatives.
  • As a smaller company it is easier to move around in different departments and you don’t need a specific background type like journalism.
  • If you are interested in internships check out the jobs section on the C-SPAN website. Be patient as there may not be internships up yet.
  • What to do while waiting for internships or job openings? Stay engaged and follow whats happening around the country. Know the product and watch C-SPAN.
  • Call people in the company for informational interviews and make connections.

Please reach out to our guests if you have any more questions. Their LinkedIN information is linked above.

By William Pape
William Pape Peer Coach William Pape